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SPiCE 1-2-1 for Automotive PAM 3.1 Update: now inc. MEC 1.5 - Mechanical Engineering

2019-09-07 18:24

V3.3.12 available now!

Assessment Software Update V3.3.12

New: Mechanical Engineering PAM 1.5

Starting with Software Version 3.3.12 you have nine additional processes defined by a new PAM proposed by intacs. The processes follow the plug-in concept defined by Automotive SPiCE. So now you can perform SPiCE assessments which also cover the mechanics aspects of systems development. The MEC PAM is available in English and German.


New: Search

A new search function (press Ctrl+F) is available in the fill-in screen placed on the right dockable panel. You can search PAM contents, search through your notes and also the documents list. Search results are highlighted and also added in a search result list, whereas clicking on such a list item will directly navigate to the position in the PAM or in your notes, where the search result was found.


New: VDA LiSA and SuSA export

You can use the assessment tool and perform a self-assessment and then export the results using the proposed format for the LiSA - Lieferantenselbstauskunft / SuSA - Supplier Self Assessment in Excel.


New: Completeness Check

During fill, for each process in the list of selected processes, there is an indicator showing the status for rating and evaluation completeness covering four states:
red pen ... rating/note taking not started yet
yellow pen ... some BPs/GPs are rated or some notes were taken
green pen ... all BPs/GPs have a rating now
green check sign ... rating completed and note-taking completed - which means that there is text in each of the notes fields for each BP and GP if the rating is set to "fully" and there is text in those weakness-fields where the rating is below "fully". Additionally the fields notes, strengths, weaknesses and improvements as well as the PA-summaries for each PA need to have some text to achieve the status "complete".
Right to the button for word report generation you have an indicator showing whether completeness has been achieved for all selected processes.


New: BP/GP indicator rating table in Excel

Additional Excel exports are available: BP/GP indicator rating table either horizontally or vertically oriented - with colored NPLF cell


PAM 3.1 and MEC 1.5

The AutomotiveSPiCE PAM 3.1 released on Nov. 1st 2017 and the PAM for Mechanical Engineering MEC 1.5 proposen on Dec. 6th 2018 is available with Software Version 3.3.12 of the Assessment Tool SPiCE 1-2-1 for Automotive.


Additionally it still contains the PAM 3.0, released on July, 16th 2015.


Beyond the usual assessment features, the assessor can switch between English and German during the assessment.

Because of structural changes in the process dimension and amongst the generic practices - inspired from ISO 33020  - the assessment files with PAM 3.1 are not compatible with PAM 2.5 (oder 2.4, 2.3) files. Therefore we offer two separate tools: one for PAM 3.1/3.0, the other for PAM 2.5.


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