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SPiCE 1-2-1 for Automotive PAM 3.1 Cybersecurity and full VDA-Rules Coverage

2022-01-30 20:33

V3.3.25 available now!

Assessment Software Update V3.3.25

New: Cybersecurity PAM 1.0

Additionally to HWE+MEC, the current version also includes the Automotive SPiCE for Cybersecurity PAM 1.0 in English and German. New processes are

  • SEC.1 Cybersecurity requirments elicitation
  • SEC.2 Cybersecurity Implementation
  • SEC.3 Risk Treatment verifikation
  • SEC.4 Risk Treatment validation
  • MAN.7 Cybersecurity Risk Management
  • ACQ.2 Supplier Request and Selection

Also HWE-PAM was updated to version 2.0 and MEC-PAM to version 1.8


PAM 3.1 and HWE 2.0 + MEC 1.8 + SEC 1.0

New: Full VDA Guidelines Coverage for Rules & Recommendations

All relevant rules and recommendations (491!) from the VDA Automotive SPiCE Guidelines are now available in the assessment tool and can be commented and judget to be satisfied or not - additionally to an enhanced automatic check. Even for VDA-Rules which need additional information, like sometimes refered to "above", this information is provided.
Chapter 2.2 special environment rules can be selected/deselected. Word-Reports contain the detailed RuleCheckResult.



New: Full DocList in Reports

TheReports now contain the full DocList (Word and Powerpoint).



For a complete list of all changes please read the changelog.

Beyond the usual assessment features, the assessor can switch between English and German during the assessment.


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