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SPiCE 1-2-1 for Automotive PAM 3.1 Update MEC 1.6 and new CD ISO33020:2019

2020-01-26 10:38

V3.3.15 available now!

Assessment Software Update V3.3.15

New: Mechanical Engineering PAM 1.6 + HW-Engineering PAM 1.0 + newCD ISO33020:2019

Software Version 3.3.15 is updated with MEC 1.6 which has no significant changes in relation to V 1.5.

We added another optional & experimental questionnaire which covers the new Capability Dimension released in ISO33020:2019 in English and German. Level 2 now takes aspects of compliance and process evidence into account and Level 3 has an additional PA for "Process Assurance". The two Level 5 PAs were combined to one.
Note: this questionnaire is not officially supported. Known Issues: wrong icons and some CL2/CL3 rules refer to wrong GPs. This new questionnaire has ID 2; ID 1 is PAM 3.0; Default-questionnaire is PAM 3.1.

PAM 3.1 and HWE 1.0 + MEC 1.6

The AutomotiveSPiCE PAM 3.1 released on Nov. 1st 2017, the PAM for Mechanical Engineering MEC 1.6 from Dec. 6th 2019, and the PAM for Hardware Engineering HWE 1.0 from Nov. 15th 2019 is available with Software Version 3.3.15 of the Assessment Tool SPiCE 1-2-1 for Automotive in English and German.


Additionally it still contains the PAM 3.0, released on July, 16th 2015.


Beyond the usual assessment features, the assessor can switch between English and German during the assessment.

Because of structural changes in the process dimension and amongst the generic practices - inspired from ISO 33020  - the assessment files with PAM 3.1 are not compatible with PAM 2.5 (oder 2.4, 2.3) files. Therefore we offer two separate tools: one for PAM 3.1/3.0, the other for PAM 2.5.


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